Book, Music & Lyrics

by Jeffrey Stock

 NOWHERESVILLE tells the darkly comic story of Sheldon, a  chronically unemployed young man who finally finds work at his  old haunt: the unemployment office. When he falls for a beautiful  and hapless job-seeker named Amy, he risks his own job by  scheming to keep her unemployed so she won’t disappear before  he has a chance to win her love. 

 As Sheldon’s dubious scheme to win Amy’s affections starts to  crumble around him, he finds himself as the last customer in a  lonely bar, and he sings a variation on what Amy first told him  when she came to him looking for work: she just wanted  someone to listen to her. But he was too concerned with his own  agenda to help her. When Sheldon realizes the patient bartender  has done him the simple kindness of listening to him, it dawns  on him what he must do next to make everything right. 

  • You Shouldn't Be Listening to Me3:05

Composer and Lyricist