• Loyal Temperance Legion2:02

 Commissioned by George C. Wolfe and  the Joseph Papp Public Theater, THE  VOICE OF TEMPERANCE was  premiered in New York in 1995. It is a  full-evening piece for 8 singers.

 Based on actual historical texts of the  Prohibition era, the story takes place on  the eve of the repeal of Prohibition. It is  performed as a political action play by  protesters who consider themselves the  moral majority.

 These whimsical yet passionate songs rail  against wine and whisky, warn against  loose women, and beg for redemption.

 They form a last desperate cry in a losing  battle to save a nation that just might be  going to the devil.

  • Ride Past2:46


Music & libretto by Jeffrey Stock

Based on Prohibtionist Texts

  • Jack of Diamonds3:56

  • Funeral of All My Hopes3:02

  • A Welcome3:16

Composer and Lyricist