• If I Cannot Love3:04

 TRIUMPH OF LOVE opened on Broadway in 1997 with an all-  star cast  including 2 Tony winners and an Oscar winner: Betty  Buckley, F. Murray Abraham, Susan Egan, Christopher Sieber,  Roger Bart, Kevin Chamberlin, and Nancy Opel.

 The story, based on a 1732 play by Marivaux, is by turns  hilarious and heart-breaking. It unfolds in an elaborate  topiary garden in Sparta. The great philosopher Hermocrates  and his iron-maiden sister Hesione live in rigorous seclusion,  armed with one simple rule: love is ruinous! Clutching this  credo close to their chilly hearts, they shelter their young  nephew, Prince Agis, from all things amorous.

 Rational thought holds sway until the brainy and beautiful  Princess Leonide arrives, undercover, to quip, trip and zip

 the gorgeous prince down the aisle.  She is aided by her  libidinous and wisecracking maid, Corine, and two willing  henchmen, Harlequin the clown and Dimas the gardener.

 Princess Leonide assumes several identities, bends her  gender, and breaks all  the rules to land her prince. Three  seductions, four disguises, and a slew of delightful, well-  crafted musical numbers unlock every heart, as one and all  discover that love just won’t take no for an answer.

 With an orchestra of only 11 players, one set, and a modest  cast of 7 actors, each with a juicy part to play, TRIUMPH is  eminently produceable. It has been translated into German  and Japanese. It has proven to be The Little Show That Could,  receiving over 100 productions across the country and  around the world.

The composer

        Opening night on Broadway

“Smart, fresh and funny... Jeffrey Stock makes a remarkable Broadway debut!” 

“I was enthralled by Jeffrey Stock’s score... dazzling.”

“A stylish sweetheart of a show!”

“A triumph of both heart and head...
Best New Musical of the Year” 

  • Issue In Question2:25

  • Henchmen Are Forgotten 3:13

  • Teach Me Not To Love You4:12

Composer and Lyricist

  • Anything3:08

  • The Tree4:15